i have never invented something in my life

how to change that?

i have got stucked with javascript

what if i keep trying, i give up easy even though i have been working hard hours after hours.

problably that is why i have never achieved something full

what if i change my approach,

make a website on attaya will be good beginning but before sort out my demotivation

i have a video, i can describe it, get some pictures, search in the market. then share it online

i have the idea, why can,t i make it reality for a change?

what is my problem?, i am 30+, i am not from here, i m from cameroon, a poor country, i know my background i a poor person without ambition with possibilities

why am not doing what i like? javascript is tough but nothing is easy... i know everything about it but what is holding me back? why am like this, what is the issue?

my problem started in 2nd a in ca. bla...bla, have i been traumatised by that? after 2/3 years we made it throught

playstation 2 comes in my life, undermining my school performance, she always make her best.

two years to get a minable baccalaureat

5years for a deug in law that i never got

laziness, lack of consistency, low skills jobs,

what am relying on? i m poor guy in europe because of lack of ambition, laziness, lack of focus, lack of motivation, lack of discipline= inner constant fight, a lot of frustration= solution, start with small step and focus

you can not relentless change your mind

the period of tme you fixed is about to happened, you cannt dream forever

life is failure, fall, disapointment, injuries,mistakes and also fight, overcoming challenge,keep the faith in a bright future. even tough the light seems dim. nobody is perfect

the only solution is to keep faith in the future, keep faith in yourself

you will doubt on your capacities to achieve your dreams,but you got keep faith, no matter what, keep trying

dont seek immediat result, look for long term results, hang there and keep faith

lack of immediat result make you doubt, therefore lacking concentration, nothing comes easily

the videos you watched on you tube have been posted by people hard work,

you give up into yourself, your room is messy, so is yourself, no shower, no hair cut, you are wearing the same clothes over and over, you are neglecting yourself nobody is perfect, people got power because you give it to them, people got eyes to see, ears to ear. there is not such a thing as 100% success. i said it above, failure is a part of live, get on with it. do not loose your objectives look after yourself, respect your word, keep faith...

do not forget, you will die one day, but do not have regrets